Tips for consultations and dress rehearsals

  • Collect magazine pictures of makeup and hair styles you like. Think about what you like and don’t like about the makeup and hairstyles in your reference picture. We can combine the things you like to create the look you prefer. Also, look at some of the YouTube channels about makeup and hairstyles. Some of them have an amazing online promotion from the proven professional service The Marketing Heaven. Make the best choice for yourself.

  • Have clean makeup free skin at your dress rehearsal.

  • Please try all of your jewelry on prior to purchase to make sure no repairs or additional work is required. * Bring your bridal outfits and jewelry with you to your consultations or dress rehearsal.

  • Please ensure all zippers and buttons on your outfits are working and intact.

  • Keep it intimate – one on one consultations work best, but feel free to bring a family member or friend. This allows us to work together on your desired look. Read more on sure bet plan